Recording sessions can extend the life of your conference and help to build a library of on-demand content.

As the pandemic continues to impact travel schedules and the availability of presenters, pre-recording content can ensure you don’t have to fill an empty slot.

We’ve recorded in-person and on-line to create compelling, content-filled presentations for virtual and in-person events.

Breakout Rooms are the backbone of many conferences.  The ability for attendees to be able to hear presenters and see visual content is critical.

Our typical breakout room includes a projector, laptop, mixer, speaker(s), microphones and laptop-audio.

These days, we find that most presenters expect to be able to play a video during their sessions, so we automatically include a laptop connection with our audio packages.

We find that providing laptops in each room ensures that there are no last-minute delays while trying to troubleshoot equipment.  Starting sessions on time is critical for a successful event and having the rooms completely ready to go before a presenter gets there helps immensely.

We also recommend using our Event.Works web service to allow presenters to upload materials in advance of the conference.  For events that use Event.Works, we’ll pre-load slides in breakout rooms so that presenters can walk in to a room that is completely ready for them.  Event.Works also makes it easier for conference organizers to distribute materials to attendees.  Our system supports not only presenters slides, but additional materials created in popular file formats.  Event.Works also handles any file size – which is often a problem when organizers and presenters try to share materials via email.

Need to make a few announcements at a reception? We can provide a PA system that will ensure that your attendees hear what you have to say.  Need to show some slides, or recognize your sponsors?  We can provide screens, projectors, and LCDs for any content.

Laptops, printers, scanners, light-duty copiers.  We can set up a staff office so that your team can be have access to all the equipment at your events that they’re used to in the comfort of the home office.

We have a wide variety of solutions for presenting your content – TwoByTwo video walls, large screen LCDs, Video Towers. We can work with you to show existing content or to create custom content to deliver your message.

Let us help you kick it up a notch.  Many conferences have quiz bowls or other contests that pit teams against each other.  We can bring a game-show experience to those events that ramp up the glitz and glamour of such competitions.

Quiz Bowl